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      Development History


      Aug, 2002        Company established

      Nov, 2003        Welfare project - "Excellence Restaurant" in Dongming NO.1 Middle School was started

      Oct, 2004         Non dairy creamer of brand "Bigtree" was awarded "Shandong Famous Brand"

      Oct, 2004         Company passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system and got the   certificate

      Dec, 2004        After health registration in CIQ, our company became the only enterprise who have the right of exporting non dairy creamer in Shandong province

      Aug, 2005        Was awarded "Shandong Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise" certificate

      Mar, 2006         Was awarded "China (Shandong) Product Excellence Award in 3.15 Products Expo"

      Mar, 2007         Was awarded "Heze Civilized And Honest Enterprise"

      Oct, 2007          Passed HACCP Food Safety Management Certification

      May, 2008        Obtained two patents

      Nov, 2008        Was awarded the title of "High-tech Enterprise in Heze"

      Dec, 2008         The expansion project of 50000 tons Non dairy creamer was completed and put into production

      Jan, 2009          Was awarded the title of "Bronze Contributor of Economic Development of Dongming County "

      Mar, 2009         Was awarded the certificate of "The most satisfied product of Shandong Consumer Association"

      Nov, 2009         Five new technologies was identified by Municipal Science and  Technology Department

      Jan,  2010        Was awarded "Bronze Contributor of Economic Development  of Dongming County " third time

      Nov, 2010        The company's technology center has been assessed as a provincial enterprise technology center

      Nov, 2010         The glucose project was completed and put into production

      Jan, 2011          Heze Bigtree Food Industrial Park broke ground in Heze development zone

      18, Jun, 2012    Heze Bigtree Food Industrial Park opened    

      11, Jul, 2012     The Municipal Secretary Runtian, Zhao visited company

      Sep, 2012         The project of producing 100,000 tons non dairy creamer annually was completed and put into production

      Oct, 2012          Company passed the Quality Management System and Food  Safety Management System Certification

      Nov, 2012         Company achieved record description of export food production enterprise

      Nov, 2012          Company passed the certification of Halal product

      Feb, 2013          Company was awarded as "The Leading Enterprises Of Agricultural Industrialization"

      Dec, 2013          Company achieved High-tech Enterprise Certification

      Oct, 2014           Foundation of R&D center
      Aug, 2015          R&D Authorised by province goverment 
      Oct, 2015           Building of  Bigtree Technology morden argriculture incubater completed
      Dec, 2015          Company authorised as vice-chairman Firm of  HEZE High-Tech Food productor Commission 
      Feb, 2016          Win the HEZE High-Tech fixed essets investment Reward
      Jul, 2016           Bigtree Group incubater started
      Dec, 2016             Heze Bigtree Group Biology Enginerring Science and Technology Company authorised as leader company of food brand in

      May, 2017         Established Bigtree Baking Marketing Limited Company(WU HAN)



      Copyright:heze bigtree biology engineering science and technology co.,ltd
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